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Designed to bridge the gap between domain experts, testers, and developers, Test-Editor is a modern application that integrates well with container technologies. It is dedicated to automate the tip of the testing pyramid—acceptance testing—to enable automated product releases and provide confidence in reliable product operation.


Test First

Write test specifications before the actual feature is implemented. Make your tests an integral element of your agile feature development.

Test Your Domain

Use a language designed to enable domain experts to write tests. Define the vocabulary and abstractions of your tests yourself and specify readable, comprehensible, and reusable tests.

Test Your Application

Test different technologies, from web applications up to mainframe applications. Use the Test-Editor to test your application, regardless of technology.

Test Containerized

Have automated test executions that run locally exactly as they run in the cloud.

Test in Your Browser

Make use of a feature-rich editor that lives in the browser. Specify and run your tests without the need for locally installed fat clients.


Test Continuously

Seamlessly integrate your tests into existing CI pipelines without any hassle.


Here you can find a brief overview of the Test-Editor.

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